Dr. Mommsen’s book

Dr. Dirk Mommsen is a well-known business consultant and author. His upcoming book is about how companies establish and maintain long-term business relationships in a fast-paced, global economy.

One of the chapters will compare cultural approaches. You‘ve agreed to be interviewed by Dr. Mommsen because you manage your company‘s most critical collaborative business relationships.

In your culture how are business relationships built and maintained?

Serve vs. Consult

Describe for your colleagues two (non-business) examples: 1. When you were served in just the way you expected, and 2. When you were consulted, also in a very effective and professional way.


Explain where you draw the line between the two, being served and being consulted. What are your expectations, and what are the expecations of the vendor, supplier, consultant.


Describe the ideal collaboration between two companies in your business culture. What are the key components? In other words, what are the questions, topics, areas where the collaboration absolutely has to work well?