Americans approach sensitive work topics cautiously. Euphemisms communicate uncomfortable messages. Ambiguity can be helpful. Indirect communication is considered to be both polite and effective. Patterns

Work vs. Person

Americans connect the professional with the personal. Statements made about a proposal, a concept, or work results are by definition statements about that person’s competence, experience, and skills. Patterns

Small Talk

In the U.S. small talk is essential. It gets communication going. Small talk allows people to get a sense for the overall atmosphere. Americans seldom jump directly into subject matter. Business is personal. Patterns

Controversial Topics

Americans avoid any tension which could damage a personal or working relationship. They seek out commonalities, look for reasons to connect, not separate. It’s difficult to argue about the weather. Patterns

Unsolicited Advice

Americans seldom give colleagues unsolicited advice. Even then, depending on how sensitive the topic is, they will communicate their advice in carefully worded language. Patterns