Germans have experienced times of acute shortage. These have left their stamp on the German product philosophy. Efficiency is a key product characteristic. Efficient in its development, manufacturing, and use. Patterns


For Germans an intelligent product goes beyond its purpose as a tool or instrument. An intelligent product thinks with, anticipates how it is put to work, is more than just the extension of its user. Patterns


Germans expect a product to never break down. Not only the German engineer thinks this, but also the German consumer. A reliable product, like a reliable person, always delivers on its promise. Patterns


Germans prefer long lasting products. For which they will pay a higher price. Durable products reduce replacement cost. Durability is a sign of craftsmanship, quality, tradition and continuity. Durable products “stand the test of time.” Patterns


In Germany quality is more than one of several product characteristics. The term Qualität is all-encompassing. It is a striving to go beyond the expectations and standards of the market. Patterns