The USA remains one of the resource-richest countries in the world. Although efficiency is among the key characteristics of any product, output almost always outweighs efficiency. Patterns


For Americans products are tools. An intelligent product makes work and life easier. It expands possibilities. Intelligent products execute the commands of the user. No more. No less. Patterns


Americans expect a product to function well under adverse conditions. If it has problems, the supplier provides service, at minimum additional cost and inconvenience. Patterns


For Americans durability is relative. Products don’t last forever. Change, on the other hand, is constant. Products must adapt to the changing needs of customers. Americans value durability, but within a shorter time frame. Patterns


For Americans quality is just one of several product characteristics. And it is always a function of price. In fact, in the U.S. market it’s all about value, about the relation of quality to price. Patterns