Our research method has five steps:

Step 1 – Identify

We identify those situations in a culture where the approach to a given topic is taught, explained, practiced. These situations are indicative of the culture. They provide evidence which can be gathered and analyzed.

Step 2 – Analyze

We gather the evidence, then analyze it by looking carefully for patterns of behavior within the respective culture. The focus is on how a culture thinks, therefore acts, in foundational areas. Actions are facts. Observable. Understandable. Explainable.

Step 3 – Describe

We describe the patterns in precise, concise and clear language: “Americans link message and messenger. The message, its form, and most importantly its presenter create a unity. In the U.S. business context the presenter takes center stage. Americans believe that you sell yourself first, then your product or service.”

Step 4 – Illustrate

We search for pieces of evidence which illustrate the patterns. These examples are from many areas of society: government, business, sports, media, education, film, military, literature, history, everyday life.

Step 5 – Contrast

We then contrast cultures. For example, Germany and the USA. The contrast answers the most important question: Where do we differ in how we think, therefore in how we work?

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