We push foundational topics. Currently ten. We pull topics. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Submit

First, describe the problem from each of the different country-culture perspectives. Second, describe the negative impact on your collaboration. Third, estimate as best you can what the problem is costing the team. Then send us your thoughts.

Step 2 – Review

We’ll review the situation. Expect us to contact you with follow-up questions. We will then discuss and decide internally whether we can and should address your situation. If yes, we will send you our proposal, including your investment. You then decide if you want us to help solve the problem.

Step 3 – Analyze

If the decision is yes, we’ll create a research team and get to work. Most likely you will hear from us during our research. Once completed we’ll share the results with you, upload them to UC, and inform all users of the new content.

Keep in mind that we only do research on foundational topics. And that you are not the only company contracting pull-research. You will benefit when those other companies ask us to analyze their particular situations. Push-Pull. Our core strength is research.

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