Success Factor

If surveyed few Americans would mention processes as critical to success. Instead they would state customer orientation, innovation, rapid reaction time, and pricing. Concrete results are more relevant than how they were achieved. Patterns

Deductive vs. Inductive

Inductive thinking is inference. It is a generalized conclusion based on particular instances. American processes and procedures are arrived at more inductively, based on experience, which provides guidance on how to do the work. Patterns

Guaranty vs. Tool

For Americans processes are tools, a means to an end. Processes enable people to organize their work and their interaction. Processes cannot and should not replace human judgment. Patterns

Discipline vs. Deviation

Americans seek that fine line between process discipline and flexibility. The moment a process step makes unnecessary demands Americans will deviate. Judgement calls are made via internal communication within the team and with next level management. Patterns

Process as Power

Because Americans are less inclined to view processes and procedures as making up the manual governing the inner workings of a company, the writing of those rules is rarely the forum where battles over power and influence take place. Patterns