A yes in the American context is more the rule than exception. Americans almost instinctively say yes to assisting a colleague or to serving a customer. The American yes, however, has different degrees of firmness. Patterns


A no in the American context is more the exception than the rule. Americans pride themselves on being can-do, open, helpful, people. Americans feel uncomfortable saying the word no. They couch their no in affirmative, encouraging words. Patterns


Once Americans have entered into an agreement they are in constant contact. They see no reason to go into great depth about the context of that agreement. Because they reserve the right to alter or to exit the agreement. Patterns


In the U.S. follow-up is frequent. Americans enter into many agreements and on a constant basis. Follow-up is how they maintain a common understanding of the status of those agreements. Patterns


Americans expect the initial parts of a deliverable as quickly as possible. A partial deliverable early often meets the needs better than the complete product on time. Speed is preferred to completeness. Patterns