We explain the thought behind the action, by defining the topic, choosing analogies, identifying the patterns. We then contrast the cultures.

For example, the topic Leadership, how people in a culture lead and want to be led. Not theory. Not analysis of historical figures. Instead, the daily interaction between team lead and team members. 

We analyze the interaction between leader and led in a how a society organizes itself (government), in how it defends itself (military), in how it feeds itself (business), and in how it prepares its youth for a competitive world (sports).

In other words, we look for patterns in the working relationship between a German chancellor and her cabinet, between an American president and his cabinet, between an officer and a soldier in the German Bundeswehr, between the same in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Between a German Head of the Vorstand and the other members of the Vorstand, between an American CEO and the other board members, between a German soccer coach and the players, and between coaches and players in American football, basketball, baseball.

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