Please note that Questions, Anecdotes, and Exercises are experimental, and for free. If they prove to be valuable, and if we at UC can afford to keep them going, we will do so. If they prove to be too costly to maintain and/or are not helpful, we will discontinue them.


Your real name appears as a commenter. In your profile you can add a link to your name. Comments can be segmented by nationality, giving Questions focus-group quality.

I, John Magee, have responded to many of the initial questions. I cannot, however, promise to respond to all or even most of submitted questions. This is your Q&A space.

For Questions to be valuable you as colleagues need to stay on message, communicate clearly and concisely, and most importantly be thoughtful. We at UC are not obligated to upload your questions. We reserve the right to edit them re: spelling and grammar and clarity.


I, John Magee, have uploaded more than a handful of anecdotes. To kick things off. To encourage you to submit your stories. To offer an additional forum for discussion.

Please submit anecdotes which are business relevant, provide insight into how your culture thinks and works, and invite colleagues to comment and discuss.

We cannot promise that every story will be uploaded. And we reserve the right to edit them in terms of spelling and grammar and clarity. Please submit anecdotes which will not demand too much editing.


Your responses are not accompanied by your name, image or link. Instead, they are streamed with a thin gray line separating them so that they are easier to distinguish from one another.

You can segment the responses based on nationality. As with Questions and Anecdotes this function allows you to gain deeper insight into how a given culture thinks.