Anger at German Nay-sayers

In October 2009 the newspaper Westfalenpost published an article titled Verärgerung über deutsche Neinsager – Anger about German Nay-sayers. It was about Germany’s role in foreign politics.

From the outsider perspective Germany is considered to be a difficult political partner. Anyone listening to the buzz around Washington, Paris, or Peking will encounter Germany being discussed in a critical, but also derisive tone, which suggest an inability of German politics to represent Germany as the most economically strongest and most populous country in Europe.

“The trademark ‘culture of restraint’ which once sufficed for German foreign policy, can no longer be viewed as an expression of modesty, but rather as failure. The capitals of the neighboring countries are reacting with increasing bitterness to the German ‘nay-sayers’, who simultaneously point a finger in the opposite direction and try to teach their partners a lesson.”