Rational / Personal

On the one side, the Germans strive hard to be objective, to reduce, even eliminate the subjective.

Rational, logical, scientific. Filtering, screening, separating fact from gut feel, from intuition.

Communication: Say what you mean, mean what you say. Honest. Not meant personally. Persuasion: Separate message and messenger. Take yourself out of the equation. Decision making: Sober, scientific, self-skeptical. Feedback: The focus on weaknesses as authentically constructive input. Processes: Stripping down, compressing to the core, machine-like.

Yet, the Germans are personal, emotional, subjective.

Agreements: Think it through carefully. Your word is your bond.

Leadership: Hire talent. Train and equip. State mission. Then get out of the way. Product: Deep curiosity and concern for the user. Do it right. Customer: Do what is best for the customer, even if it jeopardizes the relationship.

Germans. Objective subjective. Rational personal. Perhaps a false dichotomy.