It’s Always Personal

It’s Always Personal. Random House. 2013. Author Ann Kreamer writes about emotions in the workplace, especially during evaluations formal and informal. Statements about the book from amazon(dot)com:

“Ms. Kreamer comes down on the side of accepting and expressing one’s authentic feelings, though in sensible and constructive ways. It’s a stimulating read bolstered by snippets of some of the best recent work on emotional intelligence and the science of happiness.” The Wall Street Journal

“Kreamer demonstrates why emotion matters so much in the workplace–and, with practical advice, she identifies ways to be happier and more effective at work.”  New York Times

“What’s the role of anger, fear empathy, anxiety and tears?  This book explains them in ways that will make you a better worker, boss and human being.”  Walter Isaacson, President and CEO, The Aspen Institute and former CEO of CNN

 “Kreamer makes a solid case for her philosophy in the most compelling way possible, by appealing to rationality and the bottom line.”

— Publisher’s Weekly Review