External Expertise

Germans often involve external experts, who have a broader Überblick, in a critical decision making process. As a neutral party they can ensure that the most current analytical techniques are employed, thus minimizing the risk of errors causing serious harm. Even those Germans confident in their ability to execute a critical decision making process will refer time and again to the highest standards in their industry.

Expertise. Analysis performed by a neutral expert. Deep subject area knowledge. “She is considered one of the finest experts her field.”

The Germans believe that truly objective criteria and analytical approaches exist, that they can be identified and used. Germans constantly work towards objectivity. For them analysis can only be of value if objective.

Standards. English standard: something which is considered to be the best in its kind, a model, an example; the quality against which all is compared, measured; norm, measure, a plumb line.

Some of the highest standards for hygiene, for example, are found in German hospitals, restaurants and hotels. To receive several stars requires meeting those standards.

There are labels and awards for almost all products in Germany: Fair trade labels for products from the southern hemisphere; ecology labels for organic foods; safety labels for mechanical and electrical products used in the home or the workplace. All are based on norms and guidelines.