A culture’s product philosophy defines what a good product is. Its characteristics. But wait. Differences between cultures means differences between product philosophies. What are the key characteristics of the American philosophy?


For Americans products are meant to be tools or instruments. An intelligent product makes work and life easier. It expands possibilities. Intelligent products execute precisely the commands of the user. No more, no less. Most importantly, an intelligent product is easy to use. It is intuitively understood.



The United States remains today one of the resource-richest countries in the world. Although efficiency is among the key characteristics of any product, Americans focus less on the conservation of material and of energy. Output almost always outweighs efficiency.



For Americans a reliable product functions well under adverse conditions. If it has problems, the supplier reacts promptly with good service, at minimum additional cost via the warranty, and at minimum inconvenience by offering a replacement product.



For Americans durability is relative. Products don‘t last forever. Change is, however, a constant. Products must adapt to the changing needs of customers. Americans value durability, but within a more narrow scope.



For Americans quality is always a function of price. In fact, in the U.S. market it‘s all about value, about the relation of performance to price. Quality, in the technical sense, is an important product characteristic. But it is only one of several characteristics.