Persuasion – 劝说 – in Chinese

“Always be closing!” – brace yourself. Patterns

There is no action without a decision to act. And no decision to act without considering the options to act. But options have to be presented. Present. Decide. Act. Ok, how do Americans persuade?

没有行动的决定就没有行动。 如果不考虑采取行动的选择,就不会决定采取行动。 但必须提出选择。 展示。 决定。 行为。 好吧,美国人是怎么说服的?

Objectivity- 客观性

Americans link message and messenger. The message, its form, and most importantly its presenter create a unity. In the U.S. business context the presenter takes center stage. Americans believe that „you sell yourself first, then your product or service.“

美国人将消息和信使联系起来。 信息、它的形式,最重要的是它的呈现者创造了一个整体。 在美国商业环境中,演讲者占据中心位置。 美国人相信“你首先要推销自己,然后才是你的产品或服务。”


Competence – 权限

Americans strive to see problems as opportunities. And opportunities are to be exploited. Competent in the U.S. business context is that person able to recognize opportunities in difficult situations and to maximize on the gains they offer.

美国人努力将问题视为机遇。 机会是要被利用的。 在美国商业环境中,有能力的人能够在困难的情况下识别机会并最大限度地利用他们提供的收益。


Systematics – 系统学

Americans are particularistic in their thinking. They prefer to break down complexity into its component parts, in order to focus on the essential parts. Americans are skeptical of theory. Unless it is based on empirical evidence. Facts and experience are more persuasive.

美国人的思维是特殊的。 他们更喜欢将复杂性分解为其组成部分,以便专注于基本部分。 美国人对理论持怀疑态度。 除非它是基于经验证据。 事实和经验更有说服力。


Reality – 现实

For Americans to be realistic includes understanding what is possible. The possible is determined not only by present circumstances, but also by the ability to shape a new future. Forward movement often demands moving away from the past.

对于美国人来说,现实包括理解什么是可能的。 可能性不仅取决于当前情况,还取决于塑造新未来的能力。 前进往往需要摆脱过去。


Inform vs. Sell – 通知或出售

In the U.S. business world to persuade means to sell persuasively. Persuasive argumentation leads the audience to a choice. The audience is then asked to make a choice. The American presenter is expected to state the so-called closing question, to ask for the sale, directly and with self-confidence.

在美国商界,说服意味着有说服力地销售。 有说服力的论证引导听众做出选择。 然后要求观众做出选择。 预计美国主持人将陈述所谓的结束问题,直接且自信地要求出售。