This is space is for you as members. Treat it, and each other, with respect. If it devolves into the kind of nonsense discussions typical on many social media platforms, I – John Otto Magee – will pull the plug on it.

As stated in the Terms, you are paying for access to our core content: Countries, Contrasts, and Patterns. Questions and Exercises are free of charge. We reserve the right to remove them at any time.

I and my team of researchers are not in a position to respond to all or most or even many of your questions. We’ll respond only when we have something intelligent to write, if it is helpful, and if we can afford it.

I – John – did, however, respond to the initial questions, about seventy-five of them. In order to get things going, to set the tone, and to set a high standard. We firmly believe that human beings want to help each other.

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