UC Guides

Where you are now, our guides have been. They understand your situation. The challenges. They found their way forward. They can help you to find your way forward:


We operate as a team. Cohesive. In sync. With each other. With our method. And with our clients. Our performance is consistent, predicatable, reliable. Across all projects.


We have extensive experience working in the private sector. We know how companies function. Small. Medium. Large. From the inside. In all sectors. In all regions.


Each of us has our own unique area of subject matter expertise. We are experts who also serve as generalists. In fact, we believe that experts make the best generalists.


We are high-integrity professionals. Honest. Straightforward. Transparent. Clear in intention. Clear in thought. Clear in communication. Yes is yes. No is no.


We have worked in and across cultures during most of our careers. We have faced the same challenges. We understand the influence of culture on collaboration.


We are native or near-native speakers of English. We feel comfortable addressing complex topics in the English language. And we are sensitive to the role that language plays.


We do not treat human beings as a means to an end. But as ends in and of themselves. We help them to understand each other. At a deeper level. For us this is a form of respect.

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