Guides + Scouts

Guides assist teams in implementing the exercises. Scouts are a kind of early-warning-system about problems in cross-border collaboration. We will train them. Thus embedding into your organisation the ability to understand and manage cultural differences.


Guides are selected colleagues who assist teams in implementing Five Steps. Guides make it unnecessary to engage external trainers or consultants. Guides interact with us at UC about how to improve our exercises.

What is their profile? Guides are managers, perhaps also high-potentials. Fluent in English. International experience. Strong communications skills. Ideally teaching/training experience. Enthusiasm. Curiosity. Currently working cross-border. Eager to interact with Guides in other regions. Not afraid to address sensitive issues. High integrity.

Their tasks are: guide global teams through the exercises, collaborate with other guides, work hand-in-hand with scouts. The keys to guide-success are: selection, collaboration with UC, demonstration of value to their teams.


Scouts are selected colleagues who have their ears to the ground. They are a kind of early-warning system, identifying problems in cross-border collaboration. Scouts interact with us at UC about which new intercultural topics we need to create.

What is their profile? Trusted. Colleagues open up to them. Care about people, the work, and success. Understand the influence of cultural differences. Able and willing to work with scouts in all regions. Have solid English language skills. Not afraid to investigate problems. High integrity.

What are their tasks? Keep their ears to the ground. Work closely with fellow scouts. Provide feedback to an aggregator, who keeps UC informed. The keys to scout-success is: selection, collaboration with UC, demonstration of value to their teams.

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