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Business Ecosystem

Your company operates globally. Cross-border collaboration is critical to success. Colleagues need to understand each other. Especially their cultural differences.

Not only within the company. Across teams, divisions, and regions. But also in the daily interactions between the company and its most important customers and suppliers.

This is about your entire business ecosystem. Remember, if your customers and suppliers are also operating globally, they are facing the same challenges. Cultures are different.

Simple Calculation

The calculation is simple. It need not be exact. A rough estimation will do. Look at your most important numbers. Then at your key success factors. Now ask yourself to what degree they are dependent on effective cross-border collaboration?

What would the company invest, on a yearly basis, in order to ensure that colleagues working globally understand culture? Take a fraction of that. Consider giving that to us. As sponsors. So that we can continue our work. Contact us

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