DIY beats Consultants

Do-It-Yourself beats consultants:


Budgets. Do-It-Yourself saves money. Protect your budgets.

Independence. Eliminate reliance on outside parties. Be free.

Flexibility. Teams can address culture at any time. That’s agility.

Self-Organization. Colleagues want to self-organize. Make that happen.

Tools. Give global teams the tools they need. Then get out of the way.


Culture. They don’t address country-culture. Don’t address

With that consultants have disqualified themselves. But even if they did address country-culture, there are still reasons not to engage them:

Cost. They ain’t cheap. And often they sell services you don’t need. Say no.

Complexity. They can make problems overly complex. Keep it simple.

Dependency. Their methodology can mean dependency. Avoid method.

If a consulting firm claims to address culture, do your homework: Questions