Consultants don’t address country-culture

The following consulting firms are among the largest and most respected. And they help global companies with both M&A and post-merger integration. However, do they address differences between country-cultures?


McKinsey does not. And they state it.

“Culture is usually defined as one (or a combination) of the following: national cultures (German versus American, for example), artifacts (such as a suit and tie versus jeans), and employee engagement (including satisfaction levels).

We believe that these definitions of culture are red herrings and instead take a very practical view, which can transcend national boundaries.”


On their website there is no mention of how BCG addresses country-culture differences in their post-merger integration services.


EY has “Nine steps to setting up an M&A integration program.” None of the nine steps indicate whether they address country-culture.


When assisting with post-merger integration in a cross-border combination does PwC make sure that the country-cultures understand each other? Their website requires a longer search for an answer. The answer is not provided.


Deloitte helps with post-merger integration. Yet, nowhere on their website do they state if or how they address cultural differences.


“Our team is cross-functional and carries experience from multiple sectors, deal types and ownership structures.” But do they help cross-border combinations address culture? It is unclear.


“A systematic approach that unlocks value beyond your expectations.” Good. But Bain does not communicate their approach to culture in cross-border situations.

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