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You are colleagues. Collaborating in global teams. You need each other. Invest in yourselves. Invest in your success. Don’t wait for your employer to do so. They most likely won’t: Don’t address. If they did, it won’t help: No support.

Why only 150?

Because I am disintermediating your employer. Not selling to companies: Human Resources, Learning & Development, senior-level line management.

Instead I am doing business with you. Colleagues. Working in global teams. No one person and no one thing between you and me. Among those things is price.

And because global companies Don’t address the influence of cultural differences on cross-border collaboration. And even if they did, they would get No support.

See below. Read, reflect, comment, discuss among yourselves. You are colleagues. Understand each other. At at a deeper level.

See also: How I think

When you as colleagues better understand culture three good things happen. You get the job done. That’s good for the company. You sleep better at night. That’s good for you as human beings. You like each other. That’s good for the relations between your countries.

Questions and Exercises

The Questions and the Exercises spaces are experimental. And at no extra fee. If they are helpful, we’ll keep them. UC reserves the right to remove them without cause. Members do not have a right to the Questions and Exercises section.


We enable members to engage with each other directly via Q&A. We firmly believe that colleagues want, can, and will, help each other. To better understand each other. By asking and answering their own questions.


And we enable members to take the next logical step from learning about cultural differences, to engaging in discussions via Questions, to then applying what they have learned and discussed to their collaboration via exercises.


Doing research is our core competence. We re-search. We want to understand, then explain. How we think. How we work. The differences. We take our work very seriously. It’s our mission. To help colleagues to better understand each other. Research