Inside Outside

German Approach

When it comes to sharing information Germans work from their core team outwards. With each outer organisational concentric circle they become more careful, at times even wary.


American Approach

Americans make less of a distinction between their core team and teams in ever wider organisational concentric circles. They believe that information fundamentally belongs to the entire company.


German View

American colleagues can come across as far too trusting of other teams and organisations within the company. This is yet another reason why German colleagues are careful about sharing valuable information with their U.S. colleagues.

American View

Germans colleagues can come across as too distrusting of other teams and organisations within the company. Americans view this as unnecessary and detrimental to the entire organization.

Advice to Germans

Overcome your Bunkermentalität, bunker-mentality. Colleagues and teams in the U.S. business context are highly collaborative. Organizational structures are flexible, the borders between teams fluid. Open up. Reach out. Build networks across org chart lines.

Advice to Americans

Ask your German colleagues to explain how they fundamentally understand their team in the overall organizational set-up. Ask them to explain when and how they entrust other teams with their most sensitive information. Develop an understanding and respect for their logic.