Planning j

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Cooperation in any form requires planning. “Sounds like a plan” is a common phrase. A plan is a way of doing something. A detailed formulation of a program of action.


Germans believe strongly in planning. A good plan provides structure. It maintains cohesion and stability. A good plan is essential to achieving results.


Short Mid Long

Germans plan for the mid- to long-term. Short-term action cannot be planned for properly. It’s not worth the time, effort and investment.


Degree of Detail

Germans believe in detail. Their plans have a high degree of detail. Germans plan from A to Z. Germans prefer to plan well in advance before beginning execution.



Germans believe that a plan can only serve its purpose if you stick to it. “Why make a plan if you don’t intend to execute on it?”



Because Germans believe in discipline – sticking to the plan – they do much less contingency planning.