Information j

In Germany we say. Patterns

We live and work in the so-called Information Age. How information is generated, analyzed, and shared is critical to success. The success of individual teams, organizations, and entire companies. But wait. There are differences in how Germans and Americans fundamentally handle information.

Information as Power

Germans believe that the mere possession of information can provide almost the same value as its conversion into action. In Germany knowing can be as advantageous as doing.


Get vs. Give

Holschuld: Hol from holen, to get + Schuld meaning debt. Holschuld means get-debt or get-obligation. In Germany if a colleague has information important to your work you are obligated to request that information.


Inside Outside

When it comes to sharing information Germans work from their core team outwards. With each outer organisational concentric circle they become more careful, at times even wary.


Role in Teamwork

Germans see knowledge as the team’s primary capital. They are keen to protect and expand their knowledge base. This makes them particularly sensitive to how and with whom that capital is shared.