We at UC take a push-pull approach to research. We push foundational topics to you. Currently, there are ten, with three in the pipeline. And we pull topics from you.

By asking you what challenges you’re facing as colleagues collaborating in a multinational environment. Send us the analysis of your situation:

There are six steps. You take four. We take two.

1. Identify

Meet as colleagues. Not just one or two or a few of you, but instead all of the key players. You are colleagues. Then identify the problem.

2. Describe

Put the problem down on paper. In words: clear, concise, precise. Describe the problem. If helpful, use examples, scenarios. Paint the picture. Make it real.

3. Quantify

Quantify the negative impact of the problem on your collaboration. As best you can. Impact on schedule, budget, quality, etc. Get specific, concrete, granular.

4. Send

Send us just one document. With your responses to 1 to 3 above. We will review it. And most likely have questions. Please provide us with a contact person.

5. Research

If we decide to address your problem, by creating a research project, either we will finance it or ask your company to finance it or we will finance it together.

6. Upload

We will then upload to UC the results of our analysis. All members will benefit. Just as your team will benefit when other companies contract us to do research.