Below are our current foundational topics. Each with a survey, case, story, and topic questions. Inviting you and your colleagues to respond, read and reflect.

Unlike in Questions only your responses will appear. Without your name or photo. This enables you to more quickly recognize the patterns in thought.

Survey: Effective communicator
Case: July 4th in Manhattan
Story: Hans in Chicago
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Agreement made
Case: Who forgot the nails?
Story: What a shame !
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Be persuasive
Case: I’d present like this
Story: Game-Day
Topic Questions: here

Decision Making
Survey: Making decisions
Case: Tommy needs a car
Story: It’s only a car !
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Team-lead qualities
Case: Effective leadership means
Story: Job Swap
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Purpose of feedback
Case: A walk with your daughter
Story: I’m fired
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Resolving conflict
Cases: Turn down that noise !
Story: Up. Over. Down.
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Three product characteristics
Case: Technology and History
Story: Roger and Karl surprised
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Helpful process
Case: A little process handbook
Story: Interview Quotes
Topic Questions: here

Survey: Serve or Consult
Case: Win-Win or Win-Lose
Story: You got it wrong
Topic Questions: here

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