Step 1 – Participants

Take a piece of printer paper. Un­lined. Fold it in half. Twice. Unfold it. You have quadrants. Turn the paper sideways to the land­scape po­si­tion.

1.1  Success Factors

First, what are the key success factors? In the bottom-left quad­rant list no more than five success fac­tors. These are the things which you and your colleagues as a team must do well in order to succeed.

1.2  Cross-Border

Second, which factors are dependent on collaboration? In the top-right quadrant list those of the key suc­cess fac­tors from the bottom-left quandrant which are dependent on successful cross-border collaboration.

1.3  Who with Whom

Third, who is collaborating with whom? In the bottom-right quandrant pencil in the word Participants. Then, for each key success factor listed in the top-right quadrant, and on a separate piece of paper, sketch out who is collaborating with whom. These are the colleagues who should participate in Four Steps.

Those colleagues should now reflect on the problems they are currently experiencing as a global team. Go to Step 2 – Problems.