Exercises – Leadership


Name just one quality that a really great team-lead has.

Effective leadership means

You and your colleagues have a new boss, Susan Steel, an American. Some of you know of Susan, a few have met her at company conferences, but none have worked directly with or for her.

Because Susan wants to quickly get oriented, she has invited each of her direct reports for a one-to-one talk per video. She would like to understand the expectations of her as the team lead, but also communicate her views about the optimal working relationship between team lead and team.

You are one of Susan’s direct reports. You want to help her understand what makes for an optimal working relationship between a team lead and team. What do you say to Susan?

Topic Questions


In your culture, what would be a typical example of a strategy (in politics, sports, personal life)?


Now take that strategy and describe what the tactics look like. Where do you draw the line between strategy and tactics?

Strategy Formulation

Stay with that example. Who would typically be involved in the formulation of that strategy? Who, so to speak, is in the inner circle?

Strategy Modification

And when and how is that strategy modified? What if folks at the tactical level see the clear need to modify it. Do they modify it? And if so, how does that happen?

Lines of Communication

Again, staying with the example, what do lines communication look like between the strategy and tactical levels? How do they communicate? How often? About what?