Eight Steps

The goal is better collaboration within global teams. We’ll take eight steps together:


Step 1 – As country-team describe max. three current problems. From the perspective of your business context. Describe each one individually. Be clear, precise and concise.

Step 2 – Quantify the impact of each of those problems on the business. It’s only a problem if it’s harmful. Put a number on that harm. Show how you arrived at it.

Step 3 – Recommend the seqence in which the max. three problems should be addressed. Think this through carefully. Most likely the problems are interrelated.

Share your analysis with your colleagues in the other country-teams. They will share their analysis with you.


Step 4 – As country-team read and reflect on the analysis you received from the other country-teams. Then meet as country-team. Discuss that analysis. Recommend which problems should be addressed as a global team, and in which sequence.

Step 5 – Send those recommendations to the other country-teams. Read and reflect on the recommendations they sent you. Then, as a global team meet, discuss, and decide which problems to address, and in which sequence.


Step 6 – Proceed problem for problem. According to the agreed upon sequence. First, within your respective country-teams, formulate a solution to the problem. Share that solution with the other country-teams. You will receive their solutions.

Step 7 – As country-team read and reflect individually. Then meet and discuss the solutions made by the other country-teams. This is your preparation for meeting as a global team in order to solve the problem.

Step 8 – Meet as a global team. Discuss the problem and the proposed solutions. Agree on a solution, or at least on interim improvements. This is an iterative process. The nature of each and every individual problem you address as a global team will lead you through the process.

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