Five Threes

Three Data Points

There are differences between cultures. The differences are in foundational areas. The differences influence collaboration within and between multinational teams.

Three Questions

Where do we differ in how we think, therefore in how we work? What influence to do the differences have on our collaboration? How do we get the differences to for, and not against, that collaboration?

Three Conversations

With myself, in self-reflection: “How do I as an individual think, therefore work?” With colleagues in my own culture, in co-self-reflection: “How do we as a culture think, therefore work?” With colleagues from the other cultures: “How do we as a multinational team want to collaborate?”

Three Relationships

With colleagues, in the same company, collaborating. With customers, the people we are serving. With suppliers, the people who are serving us.

Three Good Things

When we as colleagues understand culture three good things happen: We get the job done. Good for the company. We enjoy collaborating. Good for us as people. We become friends. Good for the relations between our countries.

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