Every team has a lead and members. People who interact with each other. Personally, on a regular basis. The topic leadership is about that interaction. How do Americans lead and want to be led?

Strategy and Tactics

Americans﹣those leading as well as those being led﹣prefer specifically formulated, command oriented tasks. The command addresses both the what, and to some degree the how. Overall responsibilitiy for results lie on the strategic level with the team lead, but is shared to some degree with the implementer.


Strategy Formulation

Americans believe that important decisions should be made by the leader. Ideally with input from key members of the management team. Once made, those decisions are best implemented when communicated and understood by the entire team.


Strategy Modification

The line between those who make decisions and are responsible for their outcomes, and those who carry out those decisions, is drawn very distinctly in the American context. Decisions which cannot work or would damage overall efforts are communicated carefully and diplomatically up through the chain of command by those working on the tactical level. There is very low tolerance﹣among both team leads and members﹣for independent questioning of decisions. 


Lines of Communication

Because Americans﹣those leading as well as those being led﹣prefer specific, command oriented tasks (both what and how), it follows that they will maintain shorter lines of communication with their team members: more interaction, more frequent status meetings, more iterations on tactical issues.