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How could we not add Dutch to our languages? With a population of only 18 million the Netherlands is the 7th largest economy in Europe and the 17th largest in the world, with a GDP of roughly $1.5 trillion.

The people are among the most capable, industrious, successful on the planet. And whole bunch of them collaborate on a regular basis with both Germans and Americans. In fact, the Dutch are major investors in Germany and the USA. Welcome Netherlands !


Big Thanks to Alan Jackson for creating Multi-Column Tag Map. It’s a great WordPress plugin which allows UC to organize its growing amount of content via directories. Which, in turn, makes navigation for you users easy, efficient, fast. Especially on smartphones. See below the screenshot of the Patterns page.

Language Menus

GeneratePress as a theme proves once again to be a great advantage. It offers great functionality. And their support team is responsive, helpful, professional. They helped us create clean, neat language menus. See the screenshot below. Or hover your cursor over “Language” on UC here.


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Poland, with a population of thirty-eight million, is the strongest and most dynamic economy in the former Eastern Block, the sixth-largest within the European Union, and ranked twenty-second among the world’s economies.

The Polish economy had been growing steadily for 28 years, a record high in the EU. Polish companies work closely with companies in both Germany and the United States. How could not add Polish as a language?

Brazilian Portugese

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Brazil is a major world economy. The largest in South America. And a very significant trading partner with both Germany and with the USA. We’ve added Brazilian Portugese to the languages describing how Americans and how Germans think and work.


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We’ve added the Korean language. Read about the German and the American logics in that great East Asian language. And remember, the South Korean economy is among the twelve largest in the world with a population of only just over fifty million people.


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We’ve added Italian to our languages. Read about the American and the German approaches in that great language.

Italy is one of the European Union’s major economies. And one of the largest on the planet. Italian companies are strong in all of the major markets. Countless numbers of Italian professionals collaborate with both Americans and Germans.


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French is now one of UC’s languages. Not only because of the size and importance of the French economy and their global companies. But also because of the very close commercial ties between French and German companies.


We’re happy to welcome colleagues from Steuler. As their business continues to grow in the U.S. so does their cross-Atlantic interaction.

Steuler Linings is the leading full-service supplier of industrial linings. We have the right solution for every component and plant system requiring reliable, long-lasting protection against corrosion and the high chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses encountered in the chemical, hazardous waste incineration, ceramic and power generation industries.


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We’ve added Spanish. Thanks to DeepL, which has proven to be very helpful: fast, accurate, affordable. Spain, a major European country. Spanish, one of the most-spoken languages in the world. A must language on UC.