van Sinderen, Marjoleine

Hallo !

That’s how we in the Netherlands say Hello. Yes, I’m Dutch. And I work closely with companies in the Netherlands to collaborate with Americans in the United States.

I have a unique focus. Helping technical people – think engineers ! – to get their message across more effectively to their colleagues in the U.S.

This expertise, however, has enabled me to gain in-depth insight into how cultures collaborate, within global teams, within global companies.

If you have some time, see about me at 4cunity. I’m on LinkedIn, also. Connect with me.

Forstner, Christian

Greetings from Germany !

I’m a Ph.D physicist who has spent his entire career in industry. From the very beginning my focus has been on excellence. It’s a big word. And it has big meaning. If understood.

I help global companies work better. It’s that simple. By understanding at a deeper level what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. With one goal: to do it better.

My roots are in Germany. My perspective is global. Having served global companies in all regions of the world, including China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emerites, Saudi Arabia, and of course the United States.

Learn about me and my work at CFYourAdvantage. And please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Höferle, Christian

Grüß Gott !

That’s Bavarian for Hello. Because I’m from Bavaria, the greatest of all of the German regions. Add to that more than twenty years in the United States and you have a consultant with deep-dive understanding of what is critical to success.

Success not only in the German-USA space, but success in any combination of cross-border collaboration. I bring together experience, methodology, pragmatism, as well as heart and mind to helping you and your colleagues to be top performers.

Learn more about me at The Culture Mastery. And be sure to connect with me on Linkedin.

Bigott, Wolfgang

Greetings !

I spent my 25+ year career at Siemens. I’m a Human Resources professional. My last position with Siemens was as CHRO of the Energy Division, with more than 25,000 employees, in each and every major region of the world, doing more than 15 billion Euros in revenues.

I retired two years ago in order focus exclusively on supporting organizations operating globally. I have extensive experience not only the discipline of Human Resources, but also in close collaboration with the key disciplines of strategy, marketing, manufacturing, and engineering.

Get a sense for me as a person, and for how I can serve you at – Bigott Consulting – as well as on LinkedIn.

Thank you !

Zimmermann, Mandy

Hello ! I’m a German Ph.D. chemist with extensive experience working in chemistry, mining and manufacturing. In Europe, the United States, Asia, and in South America.

I am located in Chile. Having moved here five years ago. I left the corporate world in order to focus on helping people and organizations to work in a complex, global environment.

Learn more about me on my website – Zimmermann Global Leadership – and via my LinkdIn Profile.

Thank you !