Message. Messenger. When persuading, some business cultures link message and messenger. The messenger him-/herself has to be persuasive. In other business cultures it’s really just about the message itself, the content. The messenger is less important. What’s the logic in your culture?


In some business cultures focusing on solving problems is critical to success. In other cultures the focus more on searching out and taking advantage of opportunities. Where is your culture on this?


Systematic thinking is placing a topic into its broader context. Showing connections and interdependencies. Particularistic thinking is taking complexity and breaking it down into its component parts, then focusing on what is essential. What is your approach?


When convincing (persuading) another person of your point of view or proposal or product, how much effort do you invest in explaining the overall situation, including how that situation has become the way it is?

“I’d present it like this.” 

You, an American, work in a transatlantic team which has come up with a creative approach to a difficult technical problem within the company. But, you need some serious funding. Your German team lead, Uwe, will present the solution to very senior management in the U.S. 

You have a good sense for how these American managers think. At the same time, you have listened to dozens of German presentations, and are quite familiar with how Uwe lines up his arguments. There is the potential for a disconnect. You hint at this to Uwe. He is open to your advice. 

If you are an American, what would be your advice to Uwe? 

If you are a German, what would be your advice to an American presenting to German senior management?

If you are neither American nor German, what advice would you give to either of them

presenting to senior management in your business culture?