July 4th in Manhattan

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Bob lives with his German-born wife, Katarina, and their two children in Manhattan. When the holidays approach Katarina often invites over a few German ex-patriate friends – Ingrid, as well as Heinz and Petra. Bob invites his sister, Ann, as well as an old college friend, Larry and his wife, … Read more

Who forgot the nails?

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You’re quite the handyman. As a teenager you built your own tree fort. You’re an adult now, married, three young children, just moved into a home built in the 1950s, offering all sorts of opportunities to apply your natural talent.  You decide to build an outdoor deck. The spring is … Read more

I’d present it like this.

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You, an American, work in a transatlantic team which has come up with a creative approach to a difficult technical problem within the company. But, you need some serious funding. Your German team lead, Uwe, will present the solution to very senior management in the U.S.  You have a good … Read more

Tommy needs a car

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The summer is just around the corner. You and your spouse don’t want to continue driving your son, Tommy (age 18), and his two younger sisters around town to their various activities. Since Tommy has a driver’s license and drives responsibly, the two of you will sit down together on … Read more

Effective leadership means

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You and your colleagues have a new boss, Susan Steel, an American. Some of you know of Susan, a few have met her at company conferences, but none have worked directly with or for her. Because Susan wants to quickly get oriented, she has invited each of her direct reports … Read more

A walk with your daughter

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Your twelve-year old daughter, Emma, walks off the soccer field, her head hanging low. Her team just lost a 2-1 heartbreaker. Emma plays goaltender. Giving up two goals is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, she blocked at least four shots on goal, two of which would have gone … Read more

“Turn down that noise !”

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The courts are so full of disputes between neighbors that community mediators are being asked to resolve the conflicts. A member of the mayor’s staff in your town has asked you to get involved.  You’ve lived in the town for many years, are respected and involved in various activities. You … Read more

History and Technology

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You’ve been selected to advise the director of the new Museum of Industry, generously financed by large corporations.  Although you were trained as a mechanical engineer, and have over twenty years of experience in product development, you also think as a historian. History was your favorite subject in high school. … Read more

A Little Process Handbook

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You’re a high-level attorney, a single parent raising two girls: Marie 15, Anna 12. You and your girls live in a lovely home in the suburbs with a large yard. The summers are hot, humid, often rainy. The grass needs to be cut once a week. It’s time for Marie … Read more

Win-Win or Win-Lose

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A well-known business consultant and author is writing a book about how companies establish and maintain long-term business relationships in a fast-paced, global economy. One of the chapters will compare the approaches of different countries. You‘ve agreed to be interviewed because you manage your company‘s most critical collaborative business relationships. … Read more