Protecting our environment

For Steuler, responsibility means that we not only consider economic factors in our corporate strategy, but keep our employees, the welfare of society and the environment in mind at all times too.

For us, actively practicing responsibility in terms of corporate social responsibility means doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner within a forward-looking company – and we’ve been doing that for over 100 years.

As a diversified group of companies, Steuler offers innovative product solutions to customers around the world that help ensure their commercial success and make a positive contribution to sustainable global development.

The foundation for this is provided by a corporate management focused on responsibility and long-term value creation. Our vision is the creation of sustainable value – for our customers, for our company and for generations to come.

Steuler is a family-owned company by tradition. We’re proud of our values and the success of our activities. Our employees are Steuler’s most important asset, and our commitment to their well-being and personal development is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy.

We have around 2,700 employees working for us at over 25 locations around the world. Their skill, motivation and passion are crucial to our competitiveness and long-term viability, and our overall success hinges on them.

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60k Tons of Innovation

The inaugural lighting of a tunnel kiln is a rare and very special event for a ceramics’ manufacturer. After all, such a high-performance kiln only begins operation once and ideally runs for decades without interruption.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the ceremonial lighting of the 96-metre-long kiln took place under somewhat different circumstances, however. With around 80 representatives from all business divisions of the Steuler Group present, it was a rather small group that had the opportunity to witness the special event under strict hygiene regulations and usher in a new era of firing technology at Steuler.

“In extraordinary times like these, it is important to remain confident and focus on the future. This investment serves to underscore our forward-looking approach”, is how Michael Steuler, Managing Director of Steuler Holding and Ulf Frohneberg, Managing Director of STEULER-KCH Materials summed things up.

The state-of-the-art high-performance tunnel kiln – which will create new jobs and increase the production capacity in Höhr-Grenzhausen by around 8,000 tonnes per annum – has been in operation since the 18th of August 2020. With immediate effect, Steuler’s Höhr-Grenzhausen and Breitscheid factories now have the kiln capacity to manufacture a total of 60,000 tonnes of special refractory and acid-resistant bricks a year.

The new kiln will save up to 500,000 EUR in gas costs annually – while simultaneously increasing output. Thanks to its intelligent heat recovery system, the waste heat from the kiln operating at 1,350°C will be used for drying, heating the buildings and producing hot water. Because the kiln and ancillary facilities operate with such remarkable energy efficiency, the project was subsidised by the KfW (Credit Institute for Reconstruction).

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The Right Decision

Ten years have passed since those in charge of the Steuler Group – as so often in the company’s 112-year history – have shown courage and foresight. True to the motto of the company’s founder, Georg Steuler: “Take care when others are bold – be bold when others despair.”

We took on the remaining corrosion protection business activities of the insolvent KERAMCHEMIE at the end of the crisis year 2009. We then rebuilt the business and integrated around 180 new employees.

A decision that Steuler has not regretted to this day. The product portfolio for industrial linings was expanded by rubber linings and fiberglass-reinforced plastics and bundled under the new name STEULER-KCH GmbH. It is a high-performance network, which today includes numerous Steuler subsidiaries at home and abroad.

At the Group’s headquarters in the Westerwald region of Germany, millions of euros were invested in halls, infrastructure and machinery at the Höhr-Grenzhausen, Siershahn and Mogendorf locations.

The Linings division of the Steuler Group is expanding into new markets with around 1850 employees – both in terms of the possible uses of the products and regional distribution: Today, customers of the Steuler Group can be found in almost 80 countries of the world.

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We are Steuler !

The Steuler Group is present worldwide in sectors in which quality and turn-key solutions from experts are in demand.

Founded in 1908, the medium-sized traditional company is now one of the leading specialists for industrial linings and is active in equipment engineering for environmental and pickling technology around the globe. With the tiles group, Steuler is one of the largest tile producers “Made in Germany”.

Sustainable workmanship, innovative technologies and skilled teams with years of expertise are the guarantee of success for the Steuler Group. Steuler affords its customers and partners the security and long-term dependability of a responsible German family company – and has done for over 110 years.

The medium-sized group of companies based in the heart of Germany has over 2,700 employees worldwide and generates an annual turnover of 458 million euros. Steuler has a global presence, with a network of 25 national and international subsidiaries and agents around the world.

Experienced local specialists provide comprehensive advice and develop carefully tailored solutions to ensure each project runs smoothly from start to finish – checked and certified at all stages with our comprehensive international quality assurance and management system.

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More than just refractories

High thermal conditions as well as chemical and mechanical loads: this is a job for plant linings that can take the heat. STEULER-KCH is a world market leader and driver of innovation in the field of refractory lining systems.

We have the perfect solution for high temperature applications up to over 2000 °C – specifically tailored to your plant equipment and applications. STEULER-KCH offers complete solutions from a single source.

This includes everything – from the custom development of materials, to selection and engineering of the lining, right through to professional installation.

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