“For our customers”

We’re Siemens-Healthineers. A global company with deep German (Bavarian) roots. Our mission is simply stated: We serve our customers, who serve their medical patients. “For our customers” is our motto.

We’re 65,000 professionals working in all of the major countries of the world. For our customers means close collaboration. Listening. Understanding. Reacting to their needs.

We have German roots. And we’re proud of it. We collaborate with customers auf Augenhöhe, which literally means at eye-level. In other words, we are their partners, on equal footing with them.

As partners, our job is to provide the highest level of expertise as possible. To help our customers master their greatest challenges. We’re brothers and sisters working together.

Learn more about how we serve our customers here.

“We’re empowered”


“I watched the video about how people at Siemens-Healthineers are empowered, about how they determine how they do their work. Lots of companies make that claim. Can you, please, tell us how it works at Siemens-Healthineers?”


We are thrilled to tell you how it is done in our company at Siemens-Healthineers. And we have invited three people interviewed in the video to join this discussion: Orcun Yazici, Gundi Fink, and Abhi Gulhar.

Let’s first allow each of those three colleagues to respond to your question.

Grow with the task !

At Siemens-Healthineers we believe strongly in a leadership logic which empowers our people. We give them maximum freedom to do their jobs the way they decide is best. Based on the task. Based on the situation.

We have talented professionals. In all disciplines, at all levels, from just about every country on the planet. Our approach to leading teams, however, holds all of that diversity together.

Would you like to go deeper? Join the Discussion with three colleagues – Orcun, Gundi, and Abhi – interviewed in the video.

Recruit talent. Support talent. Empower talent. That’s how leadership works at Siemens-Healthineers. Learn more about how we do it here.

R&D Process Harmonization


“You harmonized a key process. During post-merger integration. That is often very difficult. Because processes are often about how the work is actually done. It’s about power. How did you do it?”


It wasn’t easy. We’re two very different companies. The one German. The other American. Both operating globally. And we’re very proud of who we are and how we work.

So, there was a lot of emotions involved. And then, of course, there is the complexity on the subject matter level. We’re talking about two very sophisticate R&D organizations. With big budgets. Doing very innovative work. Believing strongly in how we do things, our processes.

How did we do it? Carefully, respectfully, diligently. Without going into all of the details one of the most important things we did was to take very seriously the cultural differences. Not just corporate culture. But more deeply national culture.

Yes, both companies operate globally. But Siemens-Healthineers is fundamentally a German company. And Varian Medical is fundamentally an American company. We spent a lot of time getting clarity – understanding – where we differ in how we think, therefore in how we work.

And that constant search for understanding really paid off. It was the basis actualy for the two sides finding the best ways to combine our approaches. And that is what integration is all about !

“We did it!”

Varian Medical Systems joined us, the Siemens-Healthineers family, just this year. We’re in the middle of post-merger integration. It has its challenges. Many of them. We’re two complex companies.

But we’re thrilled about Varian. And we’re making great progress. Including when it comes to integrating – otherwise known as harmonizing – key processes. And how exciting this work is !

We’re two great companies. However, we do things differently. Varian is at its roots American, Californian, Silicon Valley. Siemens-Healthineers is at its roots German, Bavarian, a technology company.

Congratulations, therefore, to the R&D Integration Team for successfully harmonizing the two respective processes for allocating funding on special research projects ! They worked on it for six straight weeks.

It was intense. Twenty colleagues in total. Alternating between video-calls and in-person workshops. On location at Varian in Mountain View. And on location at Siemens in Erlangen. Despite Covid !

Within the next twelve to eighteen months we’ll begin introducing some of the world’s most innovative medical technologies, serving our customers and their patients.

Learn more about R&D at Siemens-Healthineers here. And join our Discussion about this exciting integration project.