Red Man. Green Man.

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By John Magee Red Man. Green Man. It’s a cliché that Germans are inflexible, that their processes are inflexible. I, too, believed that for many years. This is a complex topic. It depends on the process, of course, and on the particular step within a process. In some cases, Germans, … Read more

“Are the Germans holding back?”

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By John Magee Americans and Germans decide to integrate processes. Process harmonization is the term used.  A common experience. First look at and become familiar with the other side’s processes, procedures, etc. The Americans hand over their binders. Many of them. Long. Detailed. The Germans hand over theirs. Not as … Read more

Anna in Sales

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By John Magee I‘ve become friends with a woman in my neighborhood. Anna is new to Bonn, having moved here to take a sales job in a well known electronics and household appliance retailer, the largest chain in Germany and very successful. Her sales training lasted four weeks. Based on … Read more

Frau Schmitz

By John Magee A few weeks back I caught a stomach virus. I needed to pick up some medicine at my physician‘s office – Dr. Planck. It was a Friday afternoon. I did not have an appointment. His office, in the middle of Bonn, is small, with just Dr. Planck … Read more

That Fine Line

By John Magee Let‘s visit that fine line again, between when to serve the customer – meaning give the customer what they want, have ordered, believe is best for them, even if it is not – and when to consult the customer – meaning to dissuade (persuade against) the customer … Read more

Magic Triangle

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By John Magee We all know of the magic triangle: quality, schedule, budget. We also all know how difficult it is to deliver a product, a service or internal work results which meet each of the three criteria. Seldom does a team deliver high quality results, within schedule, and within … Read more