Our research method has five steps:

Step 1 – Identify

We identify those situations in a culture where the approach to a given topic is taught, explained, practiced. These situations are indicative of the culture. They provide evidence which can be gathered and analyzed.

Step 2 – Analyze

We gather the evidence, then analyze it by looking carefully for patterns of behavior within the respective culture. The focus is on how a culture thinks, therefore acts, in foundational areas. Actions are facts. Observable. Understandable. Undeniable.

Step 3 – Describe

We describe the patterns in precise, concise and clear language: “When persuading, Americans link message and messenger. They say sell yourself first, then your product or service. Germans do the opposite, delinking message and messenger. They believe that arguments should speak for themselves.”

Step 4 – Illustrate

We search for various pieces of evidence which illustrate the patterns. These examples are from many areas of society: government, business, sports, media, education, film, military, literature, history, everyday life.

Step 5 – Contrast

We then contrast cultures. Two at a time. Answering the three questions: Where do we differ in how we think, therefore in how we work? What influence do the differences have on our collaboration? How can we get the differences to work for, not against, us?

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