Research – pull

Our core strength is research. Insights. About culture. Push-Pull. We push foundational topics. Currently ten. We pull topics. From you, our members. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Submit

Describe the situation to us. What is happening in the interaction? Who is doing what? What are the reactions? Most importantly, what is the impact on your collaboration? Help us to understand the situation. You might find helpful the Assess part of the Five Steps exercise. Assess

Step 2 – Review

We’ll review the situation. Including asking you follow-up questions. Expect us to contact you. We will then discuss and decide internally if we can and should address your situation. We have to be selective.

Step 3 – Analyze

If the decision is yes we’ll create a research project and get to work. You may hear from us during our analysis. Once completed we’ll share the results with you, upload them to UC, and inform all members of the new content.

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