Direct leaders

I am a human being. With life experience. Who has gone deep. And continues to go deep. Who has been directed. And continues to be directed. By very skilled people. I have been apprenticed. Below is how we will proceed together:


In our very first conversation I will ask a lot of questions. You will introduce yourself and your situation to me. We will go deep. It will be a long conversation. Afterwards you will be fatigued. That’s the sign that we went deep. Good.


We’ll talk on a regular basis. Depending on your situation and the subject matter we are addressing. Once a week. Twice a month. Once a month. Flexibility is key.

The mode of communication will be a of phone, video call, email. Flexibility is key. And the same with date and time. I’ll work as best as I can to your schedule.


Direction, it’s a serious word. It could mean I am directing you. And that will be the case at times. That I am pointing or orienting you in a certain direction. Not in the sense of manipulaton, but instead in the sense of keeping you on track.

In most cases, however, direction will mean that I am asking questions, probing, challenging, helping you to imagine differently. All of which help you to reorient yourself, others, and the situation you and they are in.


The goal is deeper understanding. Of yourself, of the deeper drivers in you, of the situation you are in, of the people with whom you are interacting.

Understanding, but not for its own sake. Instead, understanding in order to move in the right direction, to do the right thing, to do it better, and of to bring people along with you in that direction, on that path.

This all can sound airy, vague, diffuse. It is not. When we understand things at a deeper level, it gives us greater clarity about surface level matters. About what to do, how, and why. Going deeper is a deeply pragmatic, practical, effective. It is the opposite of airy, vague, diffuse.

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