One sentence. Twelve German dialects.

German is a difficult language to learn as it is, but there are more than 12 German dialects spoken within the country. Some don‘t sound like German at all. If you‘re studying German, think twice!

YouTube comments:

“Fun fact: Plattdeutsch is so far from Hochdeutsch that it is considered as a language of its own. Also, there are many variants of Plattdeutsch itself – some of which I cannot understand, although I grew up with Plattdeutsch. Often, it takes less than 50 kilometers to find a place where you hardly understand the dialect.”

“As an American who learned hochdeutsch fluently. It took me forever to understand what people were saying in Bayern.”

“As someone who can speak the dying Lorraine dialect, I appreciate the inclusion of Letzeburgisch. It is not exactly the same, but closer then any other dialect.”

“Fun fact. In Baden we alone have dozens of dialects, sometimes significantly varying from village to village.”