How to use cc and bcc correctly

The fact that daily e-mail traffic becomes a time-waster for many office workers is often due to the careless handling of the cc and bcc fields. Do you know that too? They emailed information to a specific distribution group and cc’ed all of them.

And then you get some replies to your email. Such an approach is a common and annoying mistake in business email traffic. Often enough, it also happens that colleagues randomly fill in the CC or BCC line with addresses – the message could be of interest to more than just the actual recipient.

In this way, mailboxes are clogged up by bystanders, who have more work to do as a result. Show that professional handling of the cc and bcc looks different! When sending your email, always ask yourself: Who really needs to receive the message? Who is the addressee of the message? And who only gets to know them?