Why most people never succeed

Make a career, become a boss, rise to the top of a manager – the impression is often given that professional success takes precedence over everything else. But why do most people never have a career, never become managers?

What is preventing you from advancing to a boss or managerial position? Career consultant Martin Wehrle shows what causes most people to fail when making a career. The range of reasons extends from a conscious decision against a career to vague goals and a lack of vitamin B (relationship). At the same time, he gives tips on how to make a career and rise to the rank of manager.

YouTube comments:

“Performance is important and comes second. It doesn’t work without performance either. But the primary factor is whether or not the person or persons deciding whether you move up just likes you. If he doesn’t like you you don’t stand a chance.”

“The most important statement is the first! It is so crucial to know what I want and then I have to carry it through to the end. For me, family comes first, so I’m just becoming a simple but happy worker without overblown and unrealistic handouts.”

“I finished with the career topic. Better to earn less and be happy than ruin your life for a little more money. You always have to take one thing into account: With every higher step on the career ladder, the pressure also increases, life satisfaction decreases dramatically from an individual level, this loss of quality of life cannot be compensated for with money. My employer would appreciate it if I did my master’s certificate in order to replace my supervisor (retired) in about a year. But as soon as I have to fill in for him at his post, I would like to confess to the ‘Kennedy murder’ just to be relieved of the pressure, so why would I voluntarily pursue this post permanently?”

“I also decided to work as an engineer, but without a managerial position because my private life is also much more important to me. I still earn very well and never come home stressed. So I’m always in a good mood after work.”