Joe Rogan on your job

YouTube comments:

“I was a waiter for ten years I HATED my job. During the pandemic I lost it. I was on unemployment for over a year. I would listen to this video along with several other ones during my struggle. I hired tutors and studied for the military entrance exam and passed my exam. I graduated boot camp 5 days ago and currently at my aviation training school. The power of hope and believing in yourself is powerful and rewarding. Wearing my uniform and doing what I do for a living still feels unreal.”

“My mom just retired and died suddenly at my house at 68 after working jobs she hated her whole life. 3 months later, this week I quit a job I’ve had 11 years and am burned out doing. I’m ready to see what the universe has for me. Miss you little mama. I hope you’re proud of my decision.”

“8 years ago I went all in on online education because I read Gary’s Crush It. What he and Joe say is 100% true. Just start. Plant the seed and keep watering it. Do what you have to do but keep watering it. It took 5 years for me to stop my other jobs. It didn’t happen at once. But now 8 years later I support a family of 6 (including me) teaching my passion (guitar) online. Treat it like working while you’re going back to school. It’s going to take years. But it’s worth it. Time goes both fast and slow.”