A good salary In Germany

We answer the question “what is a good salary in Germany?”. We tackle the average annual salaries based on different factors and provide an answer to the question: “Will my salary be enough?”

YouTube comments:

“This is a great video with a good breakdown! I moved from a big city and took a paycut on my previous gross salary, but I have been amazed how much I am provided for in Germany and never really felt broke despite technically having much lesser money than before. I think until you live here and really experience the economy and plan your finances, the numbers are just… numbers! End of the day I believe we should be fighting for fair salaries, and not higher ones just for the sake of it.”

“Whenever I read about 40% taxe rate, it makes me a bit frustrated. But looking from the other perspective, all of those high contributors I make are the reason why the life for people all ages so good and reliable in Germany, right? I would like to reveal those details and understand the real value of the contributions I would make :)”

“It’s however important to mention that living in Germany you have access to many amenities and infrastructure not available to you in other countries unless you hire someone yourself or you pay a net price for it.”