Signs you should quit your job

Have you ever felt like the job you’re at isn’t for you? In this video, we will be talking about why you should quit your job for the better. Jordan Peterson has been helping many many people understand what to do with their life.

YouTube comments:

“You’ll know that quitting was the right decision when after you’ve quit you feel relieved. Even if the path ahead is not clear, but you feel freer, happier, you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision.”

“Worked at my last job for 7 years. The 1st 4 years were great. We had an amazing manager who was very organized, compassionate and knew how to inspire the team. She got mad 1 day after dealing with her boss, who was constantly on her back, picking at her over stupid little things. She walked out that day and never looked back. We are still friends and in contact with each other. When she walked out her boss took over as the team’s manager. Another 3 years there with her being manager was a 3 year nightmare. She put me in place as the team lead and wanted me to rat on the other team members. When I wouldn’t rat on them she berated me, sabotaged my work at every turn and took credit for things I did. At the end of that 3 years it hit boiling point and I walked out with no plan in place, knowing that at 61 years old it was likely no other place would hire me. So I decided to follow my lifelong dream as an artist. Best life decision I ever made.”

“I’ve worked at the tech giants and most situations are toxic. It’s something that is not talked about. Psychological abuse is subtle (sometimes) but ubiquitous. It’s a huge problem and the elephant in the room. HR will rarely defend employees. They are there to protect the company. Period.”