Did you get my email?


“Email is our main form of communication. Between us in the United States and our colleagues in Germany. And for the most part it works. However, it is very common for our German colleagues to not acknowledge that they have received an email from us.

We don’t understand this. It is very disrupting. We don’t know how to react. Should we re-send the email? Should we try to call them?

But wait, that’s the point of email, to avoid having to reach someone by phone. There is a time zone difference. And we don’t want to interrupt our colleagues by suddenly calling them. And if the subject of the email is time sensitive we become very, very nervous.

Why don’t German colleagues acknowledge that they have received our emails? Help!”

(Please note: I, John Magee, should have stated in the question above that the American who discussed this with me meant important emails, not routine emails. Sorry for my goof-up.)

Did you get my email?